Why Dry Aged Beef?

What makes our beef a cut above the rest? We start by selecting the top end of our Angus Cross herd to be processed through our premium program at a USDA Inspected Facility. We dry age our beef instead of wet aging. Today wet age is 90% of the industry norm because of its market profitability.

The taste of real beef is being lost in the wet age processing. We age our beef 2-3 weeks in a cooler at a constant 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the meat loses moisture, the good news is that this moisture loss concentrates flavor. The second effect of dry aging is that the beef's enzymes break down the muscle fibers, tenderizing the meat. Wet aged beef tastes wet, not juicy. Dry-aged beef tastes succulent and concentrated. It's like comparing skim milk to whole milk. Dry aged beef has a wonderful, rich, beefy taste that is mellow, yet intense. Dry aged beef can only be found in the finest restaurants, upscale grocery stores, gourmet steak companies and now via the internet at McLeanBeef.com!

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