Beef & Pork Processing

McLean Beef is your full service butcher shop. We provide USDA inspected & custom exempt processing of beef and pork.


Producers please call 402-362-0055 ext 3 to reserve your butcher date. Customers buying beef and pork from McLean Beef please reserve butcher through our Bulk Beef & Pork page. 

Cutting Instructions:

• Beef Cutting Instructions online form »

Pork Cutting Instructions online form »


Producers: McLean Beef is not responsible for animals that are kept overnight. If an animal dies after being unloaded and before it can be processed, McLean Beef is not liable for the loss of the animal or loss of the value of the animal. A carcass disposal fee of $95.00 will be assessed on the producer for disposal of the animal.

● Cutting Instruction Policies/Deadlines for beef and pork: It is the responsibility of the producer to submit cutting instructions for their animals and their customers cut instructions. McLean Beef attempts to remind 1 time to fill out cut instructions but is not responsible for reminding producers to fill out cut instructions. Best practice is to fill out cutting instructions just after booking your animal with us. Beef cutting instructions must be submitted 2 working days before slaughter date for McLean Beef to be able to save any requested offal, with the deadline of 5 working days after slaughter date. Pork cutting instructions deadline is the delivery time on date of slaughter. Failure to specify cutting instructions by the deadline for either beef or pork will result in the “house cut” for your animal (house cut specifications determined by production team, inquire for details). The preferred way to communicate your cutting instructions to McLean Beef is via the online form above. Other options include calling extension # 3 or coming in-person to our store. The cutting instruction document is final once turned in.

● Payments: We accept credit, debit, cash and local checks. Full payment will be expected at the time of pickup. 3.95% Fee for using Credit or Debit Card. 

● Pickup Deadlines: We have limited freezer storage space - this means that orders MUST be picked up as soon as possible after notification.  After 7 calendar days (1 week) after notification, an additional $25 charge per day beginning with the first day of the second week (day 8) will be added to your total bill. Failure to claim your order after 21 calendar days (3 weeks), your meat will be claimed as the property of McLean Beef Inc. Orders may be picked up in-store or shipped at the buyer’s expense.

    Processing Price Sheet

    Beef & Pork Producers: We may be booked for butcher spots but please complete the Butcher Waitlist to be considered for any butcher cancellations.