Frequently Asked Questions about McLean Beef

Is your meat natural? We are natural in the fact that our cattle have grown 1/3 of their life in a pasture with their moms and the rest of their growing time is in our feedyard which provides a safe and healthy environment with the utmost personal care!

Are your animals raised solely on corn? Calves are born & raised in the pasture with their moms for 6 months.They are then fed a ration of corn, silage, grain, and protein twice a day at our feed yard for the rest of their growing time. All of our hay and corn is harvested from the family farm. This ensures the highest quality feed for our cows.

What does "dry aged" mean? Dry aged means that we hang the whole carcass in the cooler at a constant 32 degrees F for 2 weeks to give the meat extra tenderness and concentrated beef flavor. Dry aging requires a higher quality of meat. For this reason, one hardly finds dry aged meat outside of high scale butcher shops or steak restaurants. Read more about the dry aging process »

Is your beef processed locally? Yes. We process our home raised cattle at our state of the art USDA processing facility in York, Nebraska. All of our beef is hand cut by our experienced butchers.