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A non-refundable $200.00 deposit is required. 

This deposit secures your spot for 1/2 beef butchered in August, 2024. The deposit will be applied to the final payment.  Final Payment is due on or before pickup.


Cost of Beef ($1,800-$2,200)

Current Price  X  1/2 carcass weight (approx. $1,200-$1,500) + Processing (approx. $600-$700) = Total Cost (approx. $1,800-$2,200)

Take Home Product Weight

Packaged take home weight on a half of beef is approximately 200- 250 pounds,  That all will depend on your cutting order. 

1/2 Beef Example Cuts

16 Ribeye Steaks

8 T Bone Steaks

8 New York Steaks

16 Sirloin Steaks

6 Flat Iron Steaks

4 Tenderloin/Filet Steaks

One 6-8lbs Brisket

8-12lbs Roasts

18-20lbs Beef Ribs

190-210lbs Ground Beef


Beef Breakdown: View Here

Beef Cuts

Information on the different types of beef cuts. View Here

Cutting Instructions

Not sure how to order? Fill out our online cutting instruction. Online Cutting Instructions

We will email you a user friendly cutting instruction form after you secure your beef with a deposit. 


What type of packaging is used? 
The processor will vacuum pack and freeze all custom beef. Ground beef will be vacuum packed in 1lb or 2lb packages. It will last in your freezer for 2-5 years without freezer burning, unless the seal gets broken.

Customer Reviews

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Brandi Glaser
1/2 beef order

All cuts of meat were fantastic but the ground beef is FULL of fat! I really don’t understand this because I can get less fat from the rolls at grocery stores. For this reason I will never order bulk beef from them again. Ground beef is HALF of the $2,200 order it needs to be good quality!

Ordering Beef

This facility stands high above any other I’ve purchased from, which is roughly 6 other processing plants. They are cleaner, more organized, CHEAPER, and overall a better experience!